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How To Obtain Data

To access SILO datasets:

  1. Identify the data you require.
    SILO provides datasets for a range of climate variables in variety of formats tailored to client needs.
  2. You can access SILO data free of charge using our web interface, URL method, or through the Queensland Government’s Open Data program. Please note that you will still need to register with SILO (PDF)*.
  3. Download or receive the data.
    Once your registration form has been processed you will be able to access the data using one of the methods outlined below.

SILO datasets can be obtained by:

The web interface and URL methods are suitable for accessing point datasets, while the DVD/Hard disk and FTP methods are used for accessing gridded datasets. SILO's open datasets can be accessed using either the web interface and URL methods.

Web Interface

The web interface can be used for requesting point datasets (Data Drill and Patched Point). This method is especially suitable for new users as the graphical interface guides the user step-by-step through the ordering process. The data are delivered via email.

URL Web Service

SILO Patched Point and DataDrill data can be ordered by encoding your data request in a URL. Once you have constructed the URL, the data can be downloaded:

The URL for obtaining Patched Point data has the form:

and the URL for obtaining DataDrill data has the form:


Format Value
Standard Standard
Standard including FAO56 Reference Evapotranspiration (short crop ETo) FAO56
Standard including ASCE Reference Evapotranspiration (tall crop ETo) ASCEPM
Programmer's data for comparison Alldata
Programmer's data for comparison with ASCE Reference Evapotranspiration All16
Morton's Allmort
Evaporation combination evap_span
Monthly data Monthly
P51 p51
Rainfall only RainOnly
Evaporation comparison span

If you don't know the station code, you can search for stations using the following:

Alternatively, you can use the station search tools which are provided for users ordering Patched Point Data via the web interface.

The web service can also provide you with usage information through the URL:


A sample dataset can be obtained without registering by setting username=sample and password=sample. For example:


will return a sample dataset in alldata format. Sample data are provided for station 41103 for the period 1 January 1970 - 27 February 1970 irrespective of the station and period specified.

DVD or Hard Disk Method

Gridded data or bulk orders are typically delivered via DVD or hard disk. This method is suitable for clients purchasing large datasets. Please note that if the data are to be delivered via hard disk, the user will need to provide the disk.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Method

FTP can be used for downloading:

All data are delivered as ASCII text. SILO can provide data in alternative formats upon request.

If you require further information or technical assistance, please contact us.



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Last updated 5 July 2017

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