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What data are available from SILO?

SILO provides historical daily weather records for Australia from 1889 to present. Subscriptions are available for the following products:

Data are available for seven primary variables:

and nine derived variables:

Patched Point and Data Drill data are available for an additional 12 derived variables:

SILO datasets are constructed from observed data where station records are available. While many of SILO's data formats include a flag indicating the source of each datum, users should note that observed data are not available for:

Metadata describing the primary variables and the procedures used to construct them are available in the Queensland Spatial Catalogue.

Users should be aware that SILO data are constantly evolving:

Clients requiring a static dataset for analysis should download and archive their own copy of the data.

Available formats

SILO data are available in a range of formats tailored to client needs. The Patched Point and Data Drill datasets are available in fifteen different formats. The spatial datasets are typically provided as ASCII grids, but alternative formats are available upon request.

Please contact the SILO team if you require assistance or a specialised product tailored to your requirements.



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Last updated 12 July 2016

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