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Webinars - Presentations by scientists

The following links take you to presentations on the Queensland Science YouTube channel 

Date originally aired Session title Presenter(s)
14/02/2014 Seasonal climate conditions and outlook for 2014 (36:02)
Dave McRae
12/12/2013 Soil carbon - an essential natural resource (30:41) Ram Dalal
03/12/2013 Soil data and information; releases by Queensland Government (24:36) Dan Brough
31/10/2013 Soil, Food Security and the Environment (36:05) Phil Moody and Mike Bell
19/09/2013 SILO - climate data for the land (40:42) Simon Lovell and Juliusz Zajaczkowski
22/08/2013 Land degradation and recovery in Australia's rangelands: Learning from history through Science and Art (1:01:58) Greg McKeon and Grant Stone
13/06/2013 Climate risk management: A Queensland perspective (42:11) David McRae
16/05/2013 AussieGRASS Environmental Calculator  (51:19 mins) John Carter/Dorine Bruget

The ‘new’ Grazing Land Systems Group within Science Delivery (45:43 mins)

Ken Day
28/03/2013 The Queensland Ground Cover Monitoring Program. Recent advances and future directions (43:09 mins)  Dan Tindall



Last updated 13 March 2014

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