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The Climate Change Risk Management Matrix Workbook and eWorkbook

Managing climate change and variability is a challenge for all individuals as well as industries and organisations in Queensland. Current and future impacts of the climate changes we are experiencing will impose further challenges to the way we think about and manage businesses, regions and industries in an uncertain environment.

The Climate Change Risk Management Matrix (available from the Workbook downloads page) is a tool that can help address uncertainty by identifying the impacts, risk and vulnerability and adaptive responses associated with climate change. Identifying and analysing risks and opportunities, using this risk management approach, can help to plan responses to climate variability and climate change – and can enable organisations to be proactive and more effective in adapting to future uncertainty.

This page links to outputs from a project associated with the Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence (QCCCE) which was a work unit of the previous government. This information is provided for continuity.

Further information can be found in the Climate change risk management matrix factsheet (PDF, 256K, last updated 11:33AM, 10 February 2012)*

* Requires Adobe Reader

Last reviewed 19 December 2012
Last updated 13 December 2012

Climate Change Risk Management Matrix