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Workbook cover

Workbook cover

The Climate Change Risk Management Matrix Workbook and eWorkbook, based on Australian and New Zealand Risk Management Standards, will guide you through a structured process which identifies:

Download the Workbook (PDF, 630K, last updated 10:11AM, 8 February 2012)* to read about climate variability, climate change, print to complete the risk and vulnerability assessment, or save it to your computer for further reference.

Armed with this assessment and by revisiting it periodically, you will be better prepared to take action and adapt to our variable climate and climate change impacts.


Components of the eWorkbook

Components of the eWorkbook

The eWorkbook is an electronic version of the risk and vulnerability assessment section of the workbook. The eWorkbook is a self explanatory stand-alone program that enables users to complete a 3x3 risk and vulnerability assessment in digital form with automated recall and dropdown functions.

The assessment process can be repeated using different climate variables and organisation elements. Each assessment can be saved and recalled for future reference. Report statements and action plans can also be saved in various formats (i.e. PDF, Word or Excel).

The program requires a computer running Windows XP or later and will install to the following location C:\Program Files\Climate change risk management matrix. An icon will be placed on your desktop as a shortcut to enable easy access to the program. The Climate Change Risk Management Matrix eWorkbook program also contains the PDF version of the Climate Change Risk Management Matrix Workbook that provides access to background information and definitions of terms used.

eWorkbook download

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Download the eWorkbook Version v1.06 (EXE, 10.2 MB)

Comments relating to the Workbook and eWorkbook can be forwarded to rouseabout@dsiti.qld.gov.au.

* Requires Adobe Reader

Last updated 26 October 2015

Climate Change Risk Management Matrix