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FORAGE flow diagram

FORAGE flow diagram

FORAGE is a web-based system which generates and distributes information relating to climate and pasture condition at user-specified locations. The system receives requests from users, processes requests and generates the requested information which is then emailed back to the user. The primary aim of FORAGE is to incorporate a number of products such as SILO climate data, satellite imagery and the outputs from GRASP and AussieGRASS grazing system models, and deliver them in a form that people can easily use to facilitate decision making in grazing land and environmental management. Some information on FORAGE is available for any location in Queensland while other information is currently only available for regions for which data is available. FORAGE runs on a server at the Dutton Park Ecosciences Precinct (ESP) and is available day or night. The time it takes to complete requests can range from 10 minutes to a few hours, depending on the complexity of the report

FORAGE information available for any location in Queensland includes:

FORAGE information currently only available for the Burdekin region includes:

FORAGE information currently only available for the selected areas in southern Queensland includes:

A 2-page ‘how to use FORAGE guide (PDF, 587K, last updated 02:54PM, 21 November 2016)*’ is available. Further information on FORAGE can be found in the User Guide (PDF, 2.8M, last updated 02:15PM, 7 February 2017)*.

Note: While all care has been taken to ensure accuracy, no warranty is given in relation to the data (including accuracy, reliability, completeness or fitness for a particular purpose). In all cases, product accuracy remains limited by the spatial resolution of the input data.

Please see our disclaimer before using the products on these pages.

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Last updated 21 November 2016