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Foliage Projective Cover Report

Foliage projective cover (FPC) is the percentage of ground area occupied by the vertical projection of the foliage of woody vegetation. Woody vegetation can have a major impact on grass production. FPC is considered to give a better indication of the influence of woody vegetation on grass productivity than tree basal area (TBA). This is because FPC is more closely related to light interception and tree water use.

This page allows you to generate a Foliage Projective Cover report which shows tree and shrub foliage cover mapping and a summary of average FPC levels for a specified Lot on Plan or adjoining Lots on Plan in Queensland.

The Foliage Projective Cover report includes:

For further information on the Foliage Projective Cover report refer to the FORAGE User Guide, or FAQs.

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Request a Foliage Projective Cover report

Complete the fields below with your property information and a Foliage Projective Cover report will be emailed, in PDF format, to the email address provided. Text inserted into the ‘Label’ option will appear in the report alongside the Lot on Plan and date of the request. The additional information can assist the user with identifying the property location of the report, especially when more than one location is requested.

What is your location?

You can choose your location by either Lot on Plan (e.g. Lot 3 and Plan MZ594 is 3MZ594), or by latitude and longitude (note: this method may find neighbouring Lots on Plan). Only Lots on Plan greater than or equal to 5ha are available.

You can also request the report for multiple Lots on Plan by entering each Lot on Plan into the field provided and separate them by commas, (e.g. 3MZ594, 1RP2345, 2SP6789). Lots on Plan must have adjoining boundaries for the image to generate.

If the Lot on Plan is unknown, use Geoscience Australia place name search to search for the likely latitude and longitude of your Lot on Plan.

Specify location using:
Lot on Plan
Latitude (if the latitude is in decimal degrees enter directly into the degrees box below)
Longitude (if the longitude is in decimal degrees enter directly into the degrees box below)
Delivery of the report:

What email address is this report to be delivered to? Do you want a label for this report?

Clicking on the request button below will send the request to the server. Requests can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on server load.

Last updated 1 December 2014