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Drought Assessment Information

This page allows you to generate a Drought Assessment Information report for a specific shire or regional council.

The report provides approximately 20 maps showing rainfall, pasture growth, potential flow to stream, total standing dry matter (biomass) and a curing index for a selected shire in Queensland to assist with drought assessment.

The maps are produced by the AussieGRASS model, a spatial implementation of DSITI’s GRASP (Grass Production) model. Within the AussieGRASS framework, GRASP is run daily on a 5km x 5km grid across the nation. The AussieGRASS spatial framework includes inputs of key climate variables (rainfall, evaporation, temperature, vapour pressure and solar radiation), soil and pasture types, tree and shrub cover, domestic livestock and other herbivore numbers.

AussieGRASS was developed in the early 1990s to monitor, at regional scales (e.g. local government areas or bioregions), key biophysical processes associated with drought, pasture degradation and recovery.

With respect to drought assessment, the system goes beyond the analysis of rainfall alone, allowing assessment of the impacts of rainfall on components of the grazing system–in particular pasture growth.

Request a Drought Assessment Information report

Complete the fields below with your selected shire and an AussieGRASS Drought Assessment Products report will be emailed, in PDF format, to the email address provided. Text inserted into the ‘Label’ option will appear in the report alongside the Shire name and date of the request.

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Last updated 14 May 2014