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AussieGRASS Public access

Australian Grassland And Rangeland Assessment by Spatial Simulation

Australian Grassland And Rangeland Assessment by Spatial Simulation

The following information is readily available through the AussieGRASS ‘Public’ access area, as GIF and Postscript files, for download and insertion into documents:

Maps and Data files

The archive of rainfall maps begins in January 1890. Historical pasture related maps extend back to at least 2000.


AussieGRASS Premium access

Additional products, supplementing the ‘Public access’ information, are available through the AussieGRASS ‘Premium password protected area. To enquire about access to the following ‘Premium’ products, visit our Contacts page:

Maps (GIF format)


Supplementary ERDAS Imagine and Postscript files

Data available as ERDAS Imagine (.img) files can be imported into GIS software such as Arc Info or converted to other formats using public domain software such as GDAL translate. The GIS files can then be used to generate enhanced map products and carry out statistical analysis. They are available for most of the AussieGRASS pasture and potential flow to stream products.


Time-series graphs of climate and pasture variables on a sub-IBRA basis

Graphs are available as GIF files, of both annual time-series from 1890 to the most recent calendar year and monthly time-series for recent decades for:


Other information

The following products may also be available on application:


Last updated 23 October 2015