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Queensland Climate Change and Community Vulnerability to Tropical Cyclones

Ocean hazards assessment

Reporting on a joint project multi-agency investigation to assess the magnitude of the present and future ocean threat from tropical cyclones in Queensland, Australia and the vulnerability of coastal communities to extreme winds.

Storm tide frequency information, generated as part of this project, is available for a number of locations along the Queensland coast. This information is available at https://www.jcu.edu.au/emergency/natural-disasters/university-cyclone-response.

Synthesis Report cover Synthesis Report
August 2004
An Overview and Discussion of Results from Project Stages 2,3 and 4
Stage 1 cover Stage 1
March 2001
Review of Technical Requirements
Stage 1a cover Stage 1a
March 2004
MMSURGE Modelling System and Parametric Model Processing
Stage 2 cover Stage 2
July 2004
Tropical Cyclone-Induced Water Levels and Waves: Hervey Bay and Sunshine Coast
Stage 3 cover Stage 3
July 2004
Surge Plus Tide Statistics for Selected Open Coast Locations along the Queensland East Coast
Stage 4 cover Stage 4
September 2003
Development of a Cyclone Wind Damage Model for use in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay

Project contributors

James Cook UniversityDepartments of Natural Resources and Mines, Emergency Services, plus the Environmental Protection AgencyAustralian Bureau of MeteorologySystems Engineering AustraliaCRC for Reef Research

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