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Australian Grassland and Rangeland Assessment by Spatial Simulation (Aussie GRASS) Southern Pastures Sub-project

Front cover for AussieGRASS Southern Pastures report

Front cover for AussieGRASS Southern Pastures report

QNR9 Final Report for the Climate Variability in Agriculture Program

April 2001
Rob Richards, Ian Watson, Judy Bean, John Maconochie, Steve Clipperton, Greg Beeston, Daryl Green and Ron Hacker


The Final Report of the 'Development of a National Drought Alert Strategic Information System' project (Brook 1996) made a number of research and extension recommendations should a second round of funding be obtained to continue the work. These recommendations then formed the basis for the Aussie GRASS proposal to the Climate Variability in Agriculture Program (CVAP) within the Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation (LWRRDC).

A key component of the Aussie GRASS proposal was the recognition that use of the GRASP (Littleboy and McKeon 1997) pasture production model in the prototype national modelling framework may not be optimal, particularly for those vegetation types that differed significantly from the tropical C4 grasslands where GRASP was originally developed. These concerns were based on a number of climatic and biological aspects that differentiate southern Australian vegetation communities from those in the north, including rainfall seasonality, plant growth and decay rates, plant community demographics and functionality, dynamic shrub processes, shrub/tree browse component, and plant community composition. Hence the Southern Pastures sub-project was charged with refining the national spatial model so as to ensure its applicability to the southern pastures of Australia.

The specific objectives for the Southern Pastures sub-project will now be listed and work undertaken to achieve these objectives will be detailed.

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