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Australian Grassland and Rangeland Assessment by Spatial Simulation (Aussie GRASS) NT and Kimberley Rangeland Sub-project

Cover of the NT and Kimberley report

Cover of the NT and Kimberley report

QNR9 Final Report for the Climate Variability in Agriculture Program

April 2001
Rodd Dyer, Linda Cafe and Andrew Craig


The Aussie GRASS project provides a modelling framework with the ability to objectively monitor and forecast seasonal variations in rainfall, pasture growth, total standing dry matter and grazing utilisation. It has the potential to become an essential decision making tool for monitoring and managing grassland and rangeland condition throughout the Northern Territory (NT) and the Kimberley region.

This report will detail activities undertaken as part of the NT and Kimberley Rangeland sub-project of the Aussie GRASS project. As well, information collected or produced from complementary projects will be reported where appropriate. The activities in this sub-project can be divided into three broad groups: 1) development of model parameter sets using detailed data collected from exclosures; 2) collection of spatial biomass and related data; and 3) extension and communication activities. As well, a requirement across all three groups was the need to liaise with and provide feedback to collaborating agencies, in particular the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (NR&M).

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